A Resource that may assist in Self Assessment and Improvement

towards gaining an Australian Radio Amateur Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency (AOCP)

Questions are provided based on AOCP syllabii and are presented in a randomised order. The order of answers is also randomised.

This material is provided in the spirit of Amateur Radio which encompasses the sharing and support of knowledge.

No guarantees or claims that this material will suit your needs.

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This set of tools has been created to aid in your journey towards an Australian  Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency, also known as the AOCP.  This certificate in turn enables the granting of an Amateur Radio licence.  It presumes that you have either completed your training course at the selected level, or are well advanced in this area.

This resource has been created to   fill  the gap between candidates completing their training and sitting the assessment.

The environment offered here is primarily a  reinforcement phase, an opportunity to  review and validate the knowledge gained during study. This is done by:

  • Presenting a typical question and multichoice answers, similar to the real assessment.
  • Invoking a countdown¬† timer.
  • Randomising the order of questions.
  • Randomising the order of the answers to avoid the possibility of “always picking¬† B”
  • Providing feedback to each question instantly, correct or otherwise, together with some explanatory information.

SPECIAL : Are you confident to make a specific station CQ, establishing a contact and then QSYing? Click here and test your knowledge.

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